What's The Difference between A Personal chef and a private chef?

A private chef is typically employed by a single family, and prepares meals for their client on a daily basis.  Often the chef will live with the family.  A personal chef serves several different clients, cooking in their homes only a few days a week and storing meals in the fridge and freezer for later consumption.  For this reason, a personal chef is a more affordable way to enjoy the benfits of an in-home chef. 

Where is the food prepared?

All meals are prepared in the client's home using the client's cookware.  Basic cooking equipment is required (pots, pans, etc) but knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and specialty cooking tool are provided.    

Do I Need To be Home While You Cook?

No, alternate arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.  It is certainly possible for me to cook while you are at work, out running errands, etc.

Do you use local, organic, or seasonal ingredients in your cooking?

In an ideal world, each dish I prepare would be made entirely of organic, local, and seasonal products.  In reality, this can be expensive and limiting.  I strive to use organic animal products whenever possible for the health benefits and superior quality.  I buy organic produce whenever budget permits, and use local/seasonal produce as available. 

What if I'm allergic to wheat, nuts, dairy, etc? 

Cooking for special diets is my specialty.  Because my menus emphasize overall health, many of my favorite dishes to prepare are naturally gluten free and light on dairy.  I am happy to create a menu for you that eliminates any other potential allergens.